Is hiring a service provider for a short-distance move right for me?


Canada is the second-largest country in the world. Hiring a service provider to get your car from Nova Scotia to British Columbia is a no-brainer, but even seemingly short moves within provinces or from one province to the next can require long hours on the road. And after all the time you just spent packing and preparing for your move, a 12- or 18-hour drive might seem especially daunting.

Hiring a moving partner to get your car to your new home – while you relax on a short flight or even a train ride – is worth considering. Here are three reasons why hiring a vehicle transportation service provider for a short-distance move in Canada might be right for you.


When the packing is done, all you want to do is relax – and you know that the unpacking is still on the horizon. Do you want to add an 8-hour drive (Calgary to Fort McMurray) or a 156-hour drive (Thunder BayToronto to North BayMontreal) in between? A service provider can provide you with a stress-free alternative.

And if you’re a two-car family, rather than put two drivers on the road for an extended period, why not share the load in one car and hire someone to move the other?

Mileage and maintenance

Consider the gas, mileage and maintenance costs of moving your car, even if it’s to a provincial neighbour. If you’re moving from Montreal to Halifax, you’re looking at 1,200 km on your car. Particularly on a lease, you could burn through a chunk of your mileage allowance just getting to your new home. A service provider can make sure your car arrives safe and sound with no extra excessive kilometres on the odometer.

Weather and safety

Canadian weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, even more so when travelling through the mountainous or northern regions. Take the safer road, and let an experienced service provider get your car through the Rockies or out to the Rock.

Canada’s choice for vehicle transportation

Livingston has a cross-Canada network of offices, secure facilities, trucks and operators, not to mention 30 years of experience. We can move your car just about anywhere, through any weather, at any time of the year.

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