What to expect when moving your vehicle cross-country


Whether moving across the country, sending a child to university, or giving your car to a friend or relative, we can all be seduced by the experience and allure of taking that long, beautiful cross-country drive when deciding how to get the car there.

While we can be quick to give into the temptation and hit the open road to see the country, with big dreams in our heads, the fact of the matter is that a long-distance drive puts an incredible amount of strain on a vehicle, not to mention all the risks and stress associated with a massive cross-country trek.

That’s why safely shipping your vehicle across the country is an investment in your car’s well-being – and your peace of mind!

Working with a vehicle transportation specialist like Livingston can be a safer, faster, more cost effective, and less stressful alternative. Before you hand over the keys, it’s important to get a blueprint of what makes for a successful move.

Here’s a step-by-step look at everything you can expect during a cross-country move when shipping your car with Livingston.

Education from experienced staff

With a lot of moving parts, our expert staff will help coach you through the entire process. We work hand in hand with our clients, so you feel comfortable and well-equipped with all the resources and information on what it means to safely and securely move your vehicle cross-country.

A thorough pre-move survey

Before anything gets underway, you’ll walk-through and have a detailed inspection from one of our experts to document a complete record of your cars’ condition.

We also provide you with a complete checklist to prepare your vehicle for the day of the move.

Seamless pick-up and drop-off

A flatbed tow truck can pick up your vehicle from work, home, or your most convenient location and transport it to one of our secure facilities. Or, if you’re close by, you can drop it off and/or pick it up yourself.

Complete insurance coverage

Rest easy knowing you have complete coverage should the unexpected happen and damage occur during the trip. But keep in mind — insurance only covers your car itself. Be sure to remove any belongings inside before you drop your car off.

Working with our trusted partners

CN Rail has been our trusted moving partner for over two decades. As a world-class transportation leader for almost 100 years, and the only transcontinental railway in North America, their reliable 20,000-mile network will safeguard your vehicle in a seamless terminal-to-terminal move.

Understanding what can and cannot be shipped

Beyond insurance and liability, another reason personal items cannot be moved in your vehicle is that CN Rail cars can be routed into the U.S. to make most efficient journey. That means we need to make sure that all cars are compliant with Homeland Security and their regulations, and can’t be moving anything we don’t know about inside your car.

Secure facilities

Your car will always be in a safe, secure facility when it’s not on the road. We have tried-and-true infrastructure, including secure compounds, experienced staff and our own trucks operated by professional drivers to provide the most efficient transportation process.

Enclosed rail cars

A long drive means putting your investment at risk to battle the elements head on. And the prospect of a breakdown is even more worrisome in remote areas, during night travel or tough winter conditions.

Our professional crews rely on modern technology and completely enclosed cars to ensure your vehicle is secure and protected from the elements, vandalism, and accidental damage.

Having a service provider that offers sophisticated tie-down systems rather than open car carriers will protect your car from the elements, and keep it cozy for the entire trip.

Visibility into where your car is

At anytime during the move, you can call in or email us with any questions, and our courteous staff will be prompt with the response time. You will get a tracking number so you can call for updates and will be notified if there are any delays with the process.

No wear and tear on your vehicle

Freezing cold weather is famous for creating potholes, and potholes can be deadly to all types of vehicles. Between the extra mileage, car failures, time considerations, horrendous weather and changes in the road conditions, they can all add up to wreaking havoc on your vehicle.

All issues are completely removed from the equation when shipping with professionals that take the pain out of moving cross-country.

One single invoice

You will receive a single invoice for combined services that includes the vehicle transportation fee and, if applicable, the duties and taxes paid on your behalf for customs clearance.

Livingston moves well over a thousand cars every week for individuals, businesses and automobile manufacturers – so it’s a tested and proven process. We help connect all the dots so you are comfortable and satisfied knowing your prized possession is in good hands.

Contact us today to get a quote to move your car – and get your move underway!