Find the right service provider to move your customized vehicle across Canada


Car enthusiasts love to add extra flair and personalized detail to their cars, from spoilers to specialized lighting systems to custom rims.

With all the time and attention you’ve put into your car, chances are you don’t want to drive it across Canada, risking damage to it due to poor weather or roads. Hiring a third-party service provider to move your car is an ideal alternative.

Moving your customized car cross-country

Most service providers should be able to help you get your car to your destination without any problem, but here are some factors to consider when you are planning a cross-country move:

  • Spoilers – Always ensure your spoiler is securely attached – or remove it if possible. If it’s an extremely high spoiler, ensure it allows for sufficient clearance.
  • Fairings and air dams – These or other low-hanging items should be raised or removed to ensure sufficient clearance for loading on and off rail and truck ramps.
  • Lowered vehicles – If your vehicle itself has been lowered or raised, it may require a special truck or tow to be moved as it may not be able to be safely driven onto a car carrier or train.
  • Specialized lighting or other electronic systems – Always ensure your service provider is aware of any non-standard, after-market add-ons, and ensure their insurance covers them.
  • Non-permanent luggage, bike or ski racks – Always remove non-permanent racks from your vehicle for the move. Check with your service provider to see if these can be stored in the back seat or trunk area.

Consult your service provider before your move to ensure any and all special considerations are met during the move. Make sure to tell the service provider any pertinent information about your vehicle before it’s dropped off or picked up, such as ground clearance or any other modifications that could potentially impact the ability to transport it safely.

Canada’s choice for vehicle transportation

Livingston treats every car with care and respect. While most service providers have experience moving most kinds of cars, you’ve made yours unique, and that requires a special touch. We love cars, and we know how important your car is to you; we take great pride in getting your car to your destination safely and securely.

To learn more about how Livingston can help you get your customized car where it needs to be, contact us today. If you’re ready to get a quote for moving your customized car, fill out our convenient online form.