Things to consider before shipping a vehicle


Moving across Canada, or even between provinces, can be a daunting task that requires significant planning. Driving your car to destination can mean long hours on the road and can be cost prohibitive in view of the price for food, fuel and accommodations, not to mention the wear and tear on your vehicle. One option worth considering is to hire a vehicle transportation partner to get your car where it needs to be.

These are a few reasons why hiring a moving partner for your car might be the right choice for you.


A service provider you can trust with your car allows you to focus on all the other things that require your attention during a move: packing, unpacking and settling into a new place. Why add the extra pressure and stress of driving for extended periods of time, when you can focus on what matters more?

Mileage and maintenance

Moving a car on your own not only requires significant effort on part of one or even two drivers, but then you have the added costs of gas, mileage and maintenance. Leased cars have mileage caps that would be partially or even fully used up on the move. Not to mention the unexpected maintenance that may be required during an extensive drive. Particularly if you have a high-end luxury car, every additional kilometer shortens its lifespan and negatively impacts resale value. You would also be likely to encounter many potholes along the road, which are dangerous and damaging to rides close to the ground.

Hiring a service provider to ship your car safely, efficiently and cost-effectively means worry-free movement of your car with next to no additional kilometers on your vehicle.

Weather and safety

As the second largest country in the world, Canada’s regions are varied geographically. Depending when the move takes place, the inclement weather can pose safety risks to yourself and your family, especially if travelling through the Rockies or the Northern regions. The prospect of a breakdown is even more worrisome in remote areas or during night travel. So why not avoid putting your investment and the safety of your family at risk and chose a safer alternative by letting an experienced provider get your car to your new home? A service provider can offer options of enclosed railcars and trucks that protect your car from the elements.

Worry-free door-to-door vehicle transportation services

Livingston’s own network of trucks and operators, offices and secure facilities across Canada means we have a tremendous amount of reach and ability to ship your vehicle, through any weather, at any time of the year, safely and securely.

A simple, straight-forward process ensures you remain worry-free when it comes to shipping your vehicle:

  • A flatbed tow truck can pick up your vehicle from work, home, or your most convenient location and transport it to one of our facilities. Alternatively, you can drop it off at one of our secure facilities across Canada.
  • A thorough pre-move survey details the vehicles’ condition and reports any pre-existing damage. This detailed inspection ensures you get your vehicle back exactly the same way you left it with us.
  •  For longer distance moves, our operations professionals will load your vehicle into a railcar that is specifically constructed for automotive shipping, where it will be strategically positioned and secured for safe transport. Secure enclosed railcars protect your car from the elements and road debris, while ramps prevent damage during loading or off-loading. For shorter moves, one of our experienced drivers will load and securely fasten your vehicle onto a Livingston operated car-carrier specially designed for transporting vehicles.
  • When your vehicle arrives at the destination terminal, it is carefully driven down the ramp and placed in our secure compound. We notify you when the vehicle has arrived and is either available for pick-up at our local facility or to schedule a delivery at your preferred location.

Over 35 years of experience have allowed us to handle all vehicle shipments safely, securely and efficiently. From origin to destination, we take care of your car every step of the way.