Find the right service provider to move your vehicle across Canada


A cross-country move can be a stressful experience. In a country as big as Canada, even a town-to-town or province-to-province move can seem like a long haul! If you’ve got a long distance to travel, it may be prudent to engage a service provider to move your car to your destination.

As a quick web search will show you, there’s no shortage of service providers available. How do you choose the one that’s right for you? We’ve identified four key areas to investigate before making your choice.

  • Experience. It might seem like some of these service providers pop up overnight – and sometimes they do! While these new kids on the block might look like they offer cheap rates and fast service, your car isn’t fast food – it’s a valuable investment. Look for a provider that offers up client testimonials, has strong partnerships with large moving companies, a direct relationship with the railway and has association memberships that demonstrate its presence in the moving industry.
  • People. Many service providers don’t truly offer more than a voice on the phone. They take your name and details – and money – and then subcontract out the rest of the move, including pick-up, moving it to the rail yard, and the move itself. If anything goes wrong, who do you talk to and what can they truly do to help resolve the issue? Look for a service provider with multiple representatives based at offices across the country, a true customer service team, and qualified personal – including experienced drivers and operators to move your car.
  • Infrastructure. While a potential service provider might have a great website, sound like a pro on the phone or even have a fancy office, do they really have the resources in place to handle moving your car safely, securely and efficiently? When you work with a service provider with a true bricks-and-mortar operation, including offices, compounds throughout the country, and company-owned equipment such as specialized car hauling trucks, you can be confident they offer more than just a slick sales pitch – they’ve got the resources a cross-country move requires.
  • Quality. While it can be difficult to ascertain the true quality of any service provider until you work with them, a little research goes a long way toward ensuring your peace of mind. For starters, check with the Better Business Bureau. Are they Accredited Business and what is their rating? Check transportation blogs or Google the business for reviews. Try to determine the annual volume of vehicles moved; is it 1000, 5,000 or 100,000 vehicles a year? There’s a reason  certain service providers are moving tens of thousands of vehicle each year – it’s because they’re trusted by major moving companies, manufacturers and the military.

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