A detailed pre-inspection protects you down the line


You just had your car shipped across the country, and you notice a ding in the fender – but was it there before you handed over the keys in Nova Scotia? Or did it happen en route to Alberta, when your car was in the hands of your vehicle transportation services provider?

A detailed pre-inspection will help you determine who’s at fault when it comes to dents and scratches. Most service providers will conduct a pre-inspection of your vehicle, with varying degrees of detail; some will even offer you a copy. Regardless, doing an inspection of your own is a good idea.

You know your car best

Here are some tips on completing your own pre-inspection.

  • Wash your vehicle first – it’s easier to note any pre-existing damage if you don’t have to look through layers of road dust.
  • Divide your vehicle into sections – left front fender, driver’s door, driver’s-side rear door, left rear fender, etc. Note whether there is any damage in each of these sections. If there isn’t any – be sure to note that too.
  • Take pictures – go section by section, and take snapshots of each area of your car. Make sure your pictures are clear and in focus. Be careful not to get too much flash reflection or you won’t be able to see any details.
  • Compare your pre-inspection with the one provided by the company – if there are any discrepancies, discuss them before you hand over your keys.

A pre-inspection usually takes about 10 minutes, and can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Take the time – and make sure the company shipping your vehicle does too.

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Livingston takes great pride in treating your car with care and respect. We love cars, and we know how important your car is to you – and we take every step to make sure we return it to you in exactly the same condition you left it with us. Should something unforeseen occur, we take responsibility and work with you to find a suitable resolution.

To learn more about the importance of a pre-inspection or to arrange a vehicle move, contact Livingston’s vehicle transportation specialists today. If you’re ready to get a quote for moving your car, fill out our convenient online form.