Relocating? Have Your Vehicle Delivered Right to Your Door.


Relocating’s not a simple move, that’s why your company’s relying on TheMIGroup to manage its relocation efforts. And, to ensure the secure transportation of its clients’ vehicles, TheMIGroup trusts Livingston’s expertise. Livingston has over thirty years of experience shipping all types of vehicles throughout Canada and across the U.S. border.

TheMIGroup has negotiated an exclusive offer with Livingston on your behalf, so take advantage now of discounted rates.

Trust the experts. We’ve got you covered.

Livingston’s been the leader in transporting vehicles since 1982. From cross-Canada moves to short-haul moves, we’ve helped thousands of clients get their cars from point A to B safely and efficiently.

You can count on us for a completely connected, secure, networked, and linked service experience.

Connected: Livingston’s the exclusive vehicle shipper for CN Rail, Canada’s largest rail network and one of North America’s highest-rated railroads. CN is Canada’s only coast-to-coast railroad and has excellent U.S. links to Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf ports.

Secure: Our well-trained teams ensure your vehicle’s secure and protected from the elements, vandalism, and accidental damage. We use fully-enclosed rail cars with the same advanced tie-down systems used for new cars.

Networked: Our freight forwarding experts will help move your vehicle safely to its final destination by air, ocean, or a combination of both.

Linked: We use our own trucks, in conjunction with trusted partner-carriers, to deliver your vehicle. Door to door or depot to depot, we can oer the fastest, most cost-efficient method: truck, rail, or a combination.