Make sure your car isn’t on “E” when you move it cross-country


While you don’t want to leave personal belongings in your car for a long distance or even a short distance move, there is one thing you should always leave in the car: a little bit of gas.

A full tank may not be necessary, but a small amount of fuel is required during your car’s trip across the province or across the country.

How much gas should I leave in the car?

Even though your car isn’t being driven across Canada or across the province, the transport of your vehicle still requires a small amount of driving, including the following:

  • Onto the flatbed truck at pick-up, and off at delivery
  • On and off a car carrier trailer as required
  • Within a terminal compound and around the rail yard as required
  • On and off a railcar as required

As such, it’s recommended that you leave your car with at least 1/4 (one-quarter) of a tank when it’s picked up or you drop it off at your service provider.

Can I leave a full tank?

You can if you want, although only 1/4 tank is required. Your vehicle will not be idle for excessive periods; however in the winter time it will idle a little longer in colder areas of the country.

Should I leave a gas can in the car?

Absolutely not. Loose gas cans or other fuel containers are a major safety concern and could be moved or dislodged during transit. Gas in only the tank please!

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