Moving your car with Livingston VTS: How it works


Hiring someone to move your car is a big decision, and you probably have a lot of questions about how it works. The experienced professionals at Livingston Vehicle Transportation Services are here to make moving your car as easy as possible! Here’s how Livingston VTS works.

Get a quote from Livingston VTS

Everyone has a budget, and when you’re moving long distance, there are a lot of associated costs. That’s why the first thing you’ll want to do is understand the cost of moving your car.

Since every move is different, and we treat every customer and every car individually, we deliver personalized estimates. To get a quote on moving your car with Livingston VTS, simply visit our Get a Quote page.

Take care of the paperwork and the schedule

Once you’ve decided to move forward with Livingston VTS, we’ll connect with you over the phone to arrange your move with the appropriate paperwork and payment processing. You’ll need to tell us when you’re leaving town, and when you’re arriving at your new destination, and we’ll work to arrange a delivery schedule that aligns as closely as possible with yours.

Prepare your car for a long-distance move

There are a few things you need to do to make sure your car is ready to move:

  • First, make sure the car runs reliably, and that the parking brake is fully functional.
  • Second, put gas in the tank. We’ll need to drive your car short distances, such as from the lot onto the rail car.
  • Third, take all of your personal belongings out of the vehicle. Your vehicle transportation partner is not liable for any items left in your car, whether it’s a snowbrush in the trunk or a smartphone in the glove box.

Taking care of those three things goes a long way towards making your move as smooth as possible!

Arrange for a pick-up or drop-off

When the date of your move comes, you can either drive your car to one of our vehicle transportation compounds yourself, and drop it off; or, we can come to you and pick your car up. There is an additional cost to a pick-up; however, it can relieve a burden from your shoulders, as your move is no doubt stressful enough, without finding additional time to drop off your car.

The choice is yours; simply make the arrangement with your Livingston VTS representative.

Conduct the inspection

Whether you bring the car to us or we come to you to pick it up, one of our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle, both inside and out. We’ll check for any bumps, dents or scratches, and provide a report for you to sign off on, so that you can have confidence that your car will be delivered in the same condition you left it.

Wave goodbye, and sit back and relax

Once the inspection is complete, we’ll go over the shipping agreement one final time, make sure we have all the dates and details correct, and give you a tracking number. Then it’ll be time to say goodbye to your baby! We’ll move your car onto a truck or train, and get the move underway.

During the move, you can contact us any time with your tracking number to see where your vehicle is. We know moving is stressful, so our customer service reps are available to help ease your mind during the move. Should any unexpected delays occur, we’ll proactively notify you so you never have to worry about your vehicle.

Reunite with your vehicle at your new destination

When your car reaches your new destination, we’ll notify you right away to arrange delivery. Once again, you can come and pick your car up at the Livingston vehicle transportation compounds, or we can bring it to you for a small additional cost. Simply arrange the best option with your Livingston VTS representative.

That’s all there is to it! During the process, you can rely on our commitment to treat your car as if it were our own, and on our commitment to customer service excellence. That means availability to answer your questions, proactive communication, making sure your needs are met and that your move is as stress-free as possible.

What’s next

To get your move started, simply give us a call at 1-800-282-9892, or get an online quote now.

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