Why do I need a partner to help move my car?


It’s safe to say we would all be hard-pressed to find someone that wasn’t stressed about a big move in their near future.

Between packing, cleaning, getting rid of unwanted items, and all of the logistical planning that goes into making a big move successful, it can be a very stressful and hectic time. With a litany of to-dos, it can feel very overwhelming relocating your life to an entirely different time zone.

The last thing you want to worry about is driving your car across the country and getting it to your new home safely.

Reduce the stress with a reliable vehicle transportation partner

Your car was likely a major financial investment, but more importantly, it’s a big part of your daily life. You place a great deal of trust in your vehicle to move you and your family around. Why risk the extra wear and tear of a cross-country move?

Instead, why not rely on a trusted transportation partner to move your vehicle for you? Hiring a reliable and trusted vehicle transportation partner to move your car is the best decision you can make, both to ease the burden of your move and keep the mileage on your car down.

How a trusted partner can give you peace of mind when moving your vehicle

Livingston’s Vehicle Transportation Service is the leader in transporting vehicles and helping Canadians move their cars across the country since 1982. We specialize in shipping all types of vehicles cost-efficiently throughout Canada and United States.

Our primary focus lies in safety, security and service as the triple elements to completely remove stress from your big move.

Wire-to-wire safety procedures

The safety of your vehicle is paramount to us; we want to reduce the stress of your move, not have you worrying about who’s moving your car. Our experienced operators are trained and fully certified when loading vehicles onto trucks and railcars. With ongoing coaching and updated professional-grade equipment, you can feel confident knowing that experts are handling your vehicle safely and securely.

Our long-time and trusted rail partner, CN Rail, delivers our same level of quality and care and acts as an extension of our values. We use fully-enclosed rail cars with the same advanced tie-down and chocking systems used for new cars so that it’s completely protected from the elements, vandalism, and accidental damage. And many of our safe and secure compounds are conveniently located right beside CN Rail yards.

Unmatched security from the best in the business

We move thousands of vehicles a year, where some companies might only move a couple hundred. And our experience shows with how well we take care of you.

We also promise to:

  • Walk you through our entire shipping process so there are no surprises;
  • Provide you with a complete checklist for the day of the move;
  • Prepare all necessary documentation for you well in advance.

You can also rest easy in knowing that you’re working a major Canadian enterprise, Livingston International Inc.; we’re Canada’s largest customs broker and we’ve been facilitating the movement of goods in, out and across Canada for more than 70 years.

In other words, you’ll have nothing to worry about while your car is in our care. Our team of trusted professionals can even pick up your car and drop it off at your new home, so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Livingston’s Vehicle Transportation Services: The smart partner for your move

From the minute you contact one of our dedicated representatives to the time you pick up the keys at your final destination, feel confident that the top professionals in the business are handling your vehicle with precise care. We are always available to answer your questions during the move, so you have peace of mind that your vehicle is in the right hands. We’re also proud to be Smartway Certified and accredited by the Better Business Bureau as a testament to our proven track record in the industry.

Don’t leave your vehicle move to chance, and don’t take on a burden you don’t need to. Get Livingston Vehicle Transportation Service in your corner, and discover how we can remove stress from your move.

Contact us today to get a quote to move your car – and get your move underway!