Save time and money by moving your fleet with a vehicle transportation provider


From limos to delivery vans to specialized trucks, different fleets of cars offer diverse features, and there are any number of places in Canada where those features might be needed.

But in a country that covers more than nine million square kilometres, how do you get your fleet of cars to where the demand is, efficiently and affordably?

Driving them is the obvious choice, but gas and mileage add up quickly when you’re moving several cars at once, not to mention the cost of hiring drivers. Partnering with a vehicle transportation services provider that can move multiple cars is a safe, smart, cost-effective solution.

Work with a partner for cross-country fleet moves

Many reasons make working with a vehicle transportation services provider a wise choice, including the following:

  • Cost – As gas prices continue to rise, any long trip comes with a significant cost just in fuel. Add in the cost of hiring drivers for your cars – no small fee, especially if you have multiple vehicles making a trip with one or more overnight stops – and the cost of getting your fleet to its new location can quickly snowball.
  • Mileage and maintenance – All cars have a limited lifespan, and on professionally operated vehicles like delivery trucks, every kilometre counts. From Edmonton to Toronto is 3,400 km; Montreal to Fort McMurray, 3,900 km; Halifax to Vancouver, nearly 6,000 km. That’s a lot of kilometers to put on a single car, never mind several. And more kilometres means more oil changes and other maintenance, not to mention the potential for dings and dents or even accidents.
  • Convenience – Coordinating a multiple-vehicle move is no picnic. You have to coordinate timetables of drivers and overnight stays, plus the paperwork of expense reports and gasoline costs. A service provider can take care of all the logistics, from picking your cars up at your location to dropping them off at their destination, leaving you free to focus on operating your business as usual.

Canada’s choice for vehicle transportation

Livingston has over 30 years of experience helping Canadian businesses move their fleets across the country. We’ve got experienced people and a safe, secure infrastructure you can rely on when moving your fleet.

To learn more about how Livingston can help get cars to where you need them, contact us today. If you’re ready to get a quote for fleet transportation services, fill out our convenient online form.